You know when someone asks you “how would you describe yourself in 5 words?” where do you start?!

Well, to give you an idea of who I really am……I’m kind….to old ladies crossing the road – even if they don’t want to cross the road! I’m apparently unintentionally hilarious….people tend to laugh at me rather than with me! but that’s ok. 

I’m a frustrated secret writer, a lover of history but can’t remember any of it, am fascinated by genealogy – Forest Gump encapsulated my family history perfectly: “ never quite know what you’re going to get…”, I love reading books, I cannot live without Spotify or the radio on – music is so important to me every day.

I’m direct, “erm….did your top shrink in the wash?” and I’m too honest “I think your prices are very low….”, I love animals – not in circus’ though, and children “Come on! let’s slide down the stairs on a duvet!!!”,  I’m forgetful “Did I already pay you that £10 back?”, spiritual, very romantic, loves candles and Gin in the bath…

……And I go on a bit……..


A place to let out all my crazy.

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