Hi everyone

Thanks for reading my blog, Inflate Your Nostrils.

Not a very appealing term is it? nor attractive really…..When I meditate, I inhale deeply (which helps…..) and being born with a somewhat ‘bulbous” nasal attribute, I feel them inflating while I’m meditating….No, not like a parachute behind a landing jet…come on now……

I’ve discovered, being an avid writer throughout my life, that writing is therapeutic. I’ve also discovered that we all go through exactly the same situations, at different times, with different people, in different cities…..Furthermore, I must have an invisible sign across my forehead that reads “Tell me your troubles” and so come forth strangers devouring me with their life stories in supermarkets and on the street and my life is rarely devoid of a good story (all names changed obviously!).

I’ve been told to write it all down as “you’re very funny” (said the few local strangers that I paid to say that..) So here are my thoughts and my worries which I hope you’ll find enjoyable and amusing.

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Thank you. Love and peace x