Welcome to….me!

Hi Everyone…

Welcome to my blog, “Inflate Your Nostrils”.


It doesn’t sound particular appealing does it really? nor attractive…Breathing in deeply really does help you get through life and breathing in deeply of course inflates my nostrils!……… I wonder sometimes why I’m single……..

This blog is simply about the dramas in my life, my adventures, my fears, my worries…everything really. I do tend to have quite alot of dramas occur and have been told I need to write it all down, interspersed with my usual acidic humour and insights.

Apparently my life is an interesting read (said the small group I paid to say this) so I hope you find it enjoyable. Please do comment and let me know your thoughts if you can still find the energy after you’ve read one of my posts. I find Gin particularly reviving in exhausting situations……

So, go forth everyone and inflate those nostrils!

Love and peace x

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