Something amazing happened to me the other day. I received a package and inside was bubble wrapped a bottle of Gin. I didn’t order it and there was no note or invoice attached to it. So who sent it to me?! To this day, having posted a “was it you?” on my Facebook and instagram page, I still do not know! It was a fabulous surprise though!

So tonight, I cracked open the seal and decided to try it. I loved the name – Perfume Trees. It ignited images in my head of beautiful fragrant trees whispering in a springtime breeze. The labelling on the bottle was delicate and so pretty which complimented the simplicity and beauty of the Eastern culture product.

The liquid is clear.

It smells very sweet and intoxicatingly strong!

The taste is subtle at first but then hits the back of your throat. It was very easy to drink mixed with tonic water and a slice of cucumber. I loved it. It gets a thumbs up from me and I will be adding it to my Gin bottle collection and potentially purchasing more of this in the future!

I did some research online about Perfume Trees. On their website, you’re met with a simple monochrome homepage that simply says “The story of Hong Kong in a bottle”. Having visited Hong Kong many years ago and had a wonderful explore, the memories of that time leapt into me and that simple phrase “Hong Kong in a bottle” really gave me goose pimples. I remembered the loud flashing lights, the bustling street food markets, watching locals do Tai Chi in the beautiful and historical Walled City and the friendliness of everyone there.

The main ingredient of the Gin is a flower called White Champaca, sandalwood, tangerine peel, Long Jing Green Tea and Chinese Angelica. Details of these ingredients and the story behind Perfume Trees is on their beautiful website which also gives gin cocktail suggestions and an opportunity to purchase items from their shop.

Whoever sent this to me, thank you mystery shopper! please send more!

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