Just a short introduction…

I can’t remember the first time I tried Gin but the first time I did I loved it and it’s been in my life constantly.

I used to drink excessively in my younger years, as any partying 20-something etc girl would do, flitting from party to party and returning home as the sun was rising. However, in the past 4 or 5 years the desire to be inebriated and wake up with a horrendous hangover is a complete turn off to me now thankfully. Plus being almost 2 years from fifty is definitely not conducive to hangovers anymore!

I still drink. I just don’t drink excessively. Some people find that concept hard to comprehend, “but I thought you said you don’t drink anymore?!”. I still enjoy the flavour of Gin. I just don’t choose to pour it down my neck neat with the sole intention of doing everything and remembering nothing and feeling like I need to go to A&E the next morning!

Now, my main tipple is of course my beloved Gin. Just one drink a night is fine for me and I’m done. If I go out socially (yes remember those days when we could sit in a bar or a restaurant and discuss life and loves?! sigh!) I will still only just have one or two then am happiest on a simple tonic water and elderflower or even a coffee! I cannot do wine anymore as it just gives me horrendous headaches and fortunately Prosecco and champagne really do damage to me. My body has completely changed towards alcohol!

A real gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s lime juice and nothing else

Raymond Chandler

Not only has Gin got some beautiful flavours but the bottle designs are amazing. From Art Deco inspired creativity to simple eastern delicacy. So once I had finished with them I decided to collect and display them in my home bar.

I will be adding more posts of Gin tasting and giving my recommendations so watch this space! Gin! Gin! to you all and happy, healthy life xx

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