I just wanted to briefly tell you all about something I did last night……no, don’t get excited (read my blog on dating online!!!)

As it was the eve of Valentines and I was alone I decided to go on a trip to Montrmartre in Paris as a treat to myself. No panic packing was involved nor flying masked up on a cramped air-conditioned metal tube. 

I did a virtual online trip and it was amazing! I actually visited Montmartre back in about 2001 and instantly fell in love with it. It’s a beautiful, quaint cobblestoned village on the outskirts of Paris and is the highest point of the City. Steep hills, stunning architecture and fabulous cafes and restaurants lining the streets. Famously known as an Artists district with Picasso and Van Gogh once living here amongst a plethora of others over the years. 

I love travelling. Mixing with the locals, tasting the local delicacies, visiting historic sites. Travelling is an education and since I was a child have loved packing up and jetting off somewhere new (and hot preferably!). So when someone recommended www.virtualtrips.io I was immediately attracted to travelling online especially because during this covid pandemic we can go nowhere for how much longer I dread to think! If you have itchy feet this is the activity for you! 

It’s so simple. Go to the site, set up an account and start exploring! You can either start by checking out the calendar to see what trips you can go on on specific days or you can start by choosing a country you’d like to explore first and seeing which available days they have trips on. Just click on “Book” and then you’ll be reminded by email once your slot is getting close so you’ll never forget to attend. 

How it works is once your trip time has arrived, you click on the link in your email and it takes you straight into the tour, live, where your tour guide should be waiting and chatting with you all. No one can see you so you can sit in your holey, sweaty track pants or even in the bath if you so wish! You can however, chat to the tour guide and the other participants via the chat panel throughout the trip, asking questions or just making comments. 

It is like being on a real trip abroad as the tour guide walks you through the streets or places of interest giving facts and stunning views to us. At certain points, the guide stops for us to take scenic “postcards” of sights. There is a “postcard” option you can click on and it will take a photo for you. 

All trips are either 30mins or 45mins long. The Montmartre trip was 45mins long and it felt like 5mins. It was a wonderful, emotional reunion with one of my favourite parts of the city, especially as we finished watching the blood red orange sunset against the Eiffel Tower down below. Mesmerising indeed! With www.virtualtrips.io you are literally teleported abroad and your homelife of washing and ironing and feeding the cat all disappear into the ether. You’re on holiday again. Finally! Sign up today and go travelling!

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