What is this Nostril inflating thing anyway?…….

So, the main reason for the inflating nostrils title is because I like to meditate a lot. As an asthma sufferer I am trying to inhale more through my aircraft-hangar sized nostrils rather than through my mouth all the time as apparently it’s so much better for your breathing.

This blog isn’t just about meditating, going all OM on you and playing with my tongue drum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnqnQHcfnno)…. Rather, it will be like a magazine: some meditative thoughts and practices yes but also I will post some of my writing up, write about funny things I’ve overheard, write up thoughts I have on life, loves, regrets etc.

This is an evolving blog too. It may grow and get better….it can’t get any worse……

And if nothing else, then you can follow me on social media sites and love me wildly & overenthusiastically instead……

Thanks for reading this far! x

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